60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The #1 Indoor Putting Surface!

V2 turf is designed by Big Moss to offer the most realistic putting experience on a synthetic surface  

Big Moss Greens are Endorsed by PGA National Teacher of the Year Recipients & used by PGA & LPGA Major Champions


About Big Moss Golf

Since 1998 when the company was founded, our main goal has been providing a putting green that accurately simulates realistic golfing conditions to help you play better golf. We strive to constantly innovate our products and bring families together to experience a lifetime of enjoyment around the game of golf.

Big Moss putting greens are aesthetically pleasing in residential or commercial settings and provide tour level practice. Our products are affordable, portable, and guaranteed to out-perform the competition. Big Moss is consistently voted The Best Indoor Putting Green with many of the PGA’s Top 100 Teachers using our products for year-round training. We promise you won’t be disappointed by our customer service when you order a Big Moss. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our product, we now offer a 60 day money back guarantee!

Our Satisfied Customers


Best putting Green you can get for indoors hands down, such an amazing product and it will help your putting like you would not believe! Absolutely impressed with mine! The roll and speed are fantastic!



The owner Tony Persico is a great help for any questions you may have. He will find the green size and model that is best for you. With the new V2 just dropping, I cannot wait to receive mine and see the countless improvements first hand. The old model was already my favorite practice green on the market, I’m sure the V2 models will only be better, and they look amazing on the site. Check them out before buying any other indoor green.



Top notch products for true golfers! The quality and customer service is outstanding.


Practice makes perfect – shop now!

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