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Bulk Surface

Attention "Do it Yourself'ers"

Now you can order either of our custom putting surfaces in bulk to use for installs in your home or yard.  You can order our standard putting surface used on all V2 putting greens, renown for the truest roll in the industry or you can order the surface used on the Commander which is a great rolling incredibly durable turf.

We will custom shape as needed using diagrams if provided or you can order the size needed for your job.  Any size larger than 6 ft wide and 25 ft long will need to be freighted or picked up.

Both surfaces install very well and can be used in basements, garages, hallways, porches, simulators, and backyards though each install and application will probably have a particular surface that will either be preferred or work better. Please see photos for ideas and....

Please call 877-Big-Moss for a custom quote



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