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Custom Size Commander GST Foundation SIM Greens

Commander GST Foundation Simulator Putting Greens :  Everyone's simulator specs and scope of work are different.  We will work with you to create the best simulator experience that suits your needs.  SIM greens are assembled in factory to your specifications & broken down then shipped to your home. These greens are made from our extra heavy and supremely durable Commander indoor/outdoor surface. Its made of Heavy duty nylon and well equipped for commercial installs.

Big Moss SIM Greens make a great addition to your simulator bay OR perform great as a stand alone product.  The foundations are constructed with our Patented GST (Gradual Slope Technology), the same as our standard V2 models. Built in GST utilizes a gradual rise at the back 5 feet of the green where the holes are located.  This allows for regulation cups to be cut in without the golfer realizing they are putting ever so slightly up a slope.  The GST will not slow down your ball but it will allow you to have a tremendous amount of natural breaking putts when approaching the holes from the sides. Big Moss' Slope technology eliminates the need to build up your Simulator flooring level with the hitting mat, which is a very expensive option. SIM greens are built with a standard down grain roll but you can also putt side hill and down while utilizing various cross grain breaks (See Diagram in photos)  Place a flag stick base anywhere on these greens to utilize putts from more directions than previously possible. This is by far the widest footprint & most versatile putting green we have come up with yet.

The SIM green is multi-purpose and it offers a great platform for incredibly realistic putting, chipping and pitching inside your bay. SIM greens will significantly quiet the impact sound of golf balls in your bay. Finally, a SIM will act as a landing pad to roll balls back toward the hitting area after they hit your screen, making collection quicker and easier.

Using a Big Moss SIM green eliminates the need to build up the flooring of your hitting bay to match the height of your hitting mat.  Every SIM green purchased directly from Big Moss now ships with a 18" x 36" inch Putting and retrieval ramp. Putting ramps include shims so you can exactly match the height of your mat. This is a far less expensive and time consuming option than building up your floor with EVA foam tiles or a loud wooden deck.  These ramps transition the height differential between the putting surface and hitting mat.  This makes for a smooth putting experience from your mat down towards the impact screen and also makes it very easy to retrieve balls back onto the hitting mat.  In fact, most balls, when hit well enough return automatically to the end of the putting ramp.  In this case, you can reach it from your hitting position without moving off the mat.

The BASE Commander SIM putting green price is 12.65 per square  ft for the first 12 Ft in length. 
After 12 ft The cost is 6.99/sq ft.

Please call 877-Big-Moss for your custom quote



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