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String Drill Kit (Universal)


The NEW Universal String Drill Kit will now retro-fit to any Big Moss Putting Green and Real Practice green at the golf course!

Now you may use one of Michael Breed's favorite drills on any of our putting greens and outside on a real green. Tees have been included in this pack for quick installation onto a real putting green.

This drill allows you to monitor your sight line over the ball, body alignment to your target, the putters centerline, as well as the putter and ball's path to the hole. Its easy to use and sets up in seconds. It will work with any hole on in your putting green, straight putts and breaking putts.

** NOTE **  Please reference the length of your putting green in the notes section of the checkout page. We will cut your string to length. If not, we will send a 15 ft String Kit

Set Up Notes: Place one 'L' bracket on either side of the green.  Lock the string with stopper into one bracket, walk the string to the other side and adjust the tensioner to the desired length.

The goal is to line your putt up using your dominant eye by sliding the brackets over your intended putting line. Set the ball on your line, under the string so it bisects the string.  When you set up to the ball, your vision should be such that you see a perfect half of the ball on either side of the string while looking over it OR slightly more of the ball to the inside of the string. The string should cover up the centerline of your putter at address and your body should be aligned off the parallel of the string line.  Your goal is to keep the putter's center moving directly under the string, especially in the range of 6-8 inches before and after the ball. We know the putter path may arc back & through a bit, but the area before and after the ball should be the greatest focus.

This drill helps you see the association between the putter's path and face angle and allows you to retrain a more efficient stroke so you can hit your intended target with greater precision.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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