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Spring Sale 3/23 – 4/10

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The Natural V2

(1 customer review)

6 x 10 – 5 cups


The Natural utilizes offset putting positions and grain to produce natural breaking putts. This green allows you to putt from many different angles and practice subtle “natural” breaking putts. This green also includes a reduced cup work station that allows you to putt at a smaller target to build confidence. Size: 6' x 10' Comes with: Backstop, 2 Limited Flight Chipping Balls, Chipping Mat, Break Pads, flag stick, cup sleeves and Manual


The Major Changes Are:

  • A new wrinkle free rubber backed surface that is approximately 28% heavier, lays flat even over carpeting. No more bubbling or bunching!
  • New Higher density Removable Foundation that allows you to practice dead flat putts if desired.
  • New Break Pads to simulate 100’s of Terrain variations
  • New Stadium Backstop that wraps around and pins in place with golf tees
  • Upgraded Chipping Mat
  • New Cup sleeves and Flag Bases for all Regulation sized cups
  • The configurations remain unchanged


Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 12 × 12 in

1 review for The Natural V2

  1. Emmett Chaisson

    Just ordered the Natural 6 by 10 putting mat and have to say that this is an amazing putting green. Love that it has 5 cups going from regulation holes to small holes. Great for putting to each hole and also for playing a game where I see how many shots it takes me to sink putts in the regulation holes, then the smaller centre hole and finally the smallest hole. The quality of the mat is awesome and the putts roll true. Some of the regulation holes have natural breaks and I can increase the break by using the break snakes to make it even more challenging. So happy I went with the larger mat then the Augusta which I was originally going to order. The larger mat also allows you to practice so many more different angles of putts. Also have to say that I am enjoying practice my chipping with the supplied chipping mat. I am a very pleased customer, so happy I went with Big Moss than other brands. The quality of the mat is truly outstanding.

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