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Spring Sale 3/23 – 4/10

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Replacement Adhesive Squares (3)


Replacement adhesive Squares.  You will receive 3 Approximately 12" x 9" squares

These squares are meant to be adhered to the backside of the green underneath the holes in order to keep the foam foundation stuck to the putting surface and keep the cup area laying down tight. When replacing these squares underneath the hole it will be necessary to use a razor to cut out the putting hole. This should be done from the back side of the green after sticking the tape and removing both sides. Be careful not to push down too hard and cut deep into the underside of the green.

You may also adhere these squares anywhere you noticing the putting area slipping on the surface you have your green laid over. For instance, if you are using your Big Moss over carpet, this will help keep the green stationary when walking on it. It will not harm the carpet in any way

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × .5 × 10 in


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