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10% OFF & FREE String Drill Kit USE CODE : save10

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Full Base Safety Flagstick

Spring Loaded flag sticks for use in all Big Moss Putting Greens or on the floor targeting


All New Big Moss Safety Flags

*** Order this flagstick for use with any Big Moss hole. This Flag WILL NOT work in conjunction with a Tournament White Cup Sleeve ***  It MUST be used without it

Big Moss continually keeps the safety of your family in mind when designing products. Our new flag stick is a Spring Loaded Safety Flag that cannot impale you, children or elderly that could possibly fall onto a low height flag stick. The Big Moss Flag will give way in the event that someone falls onto it.  Although laughter may ensue there will be no necessary trips to the emergency room.  Furthermore, these flags cannot break into pieces causing a choking hazard to children and animals.

The flag will ship in 2 pieces.  There is a logo disc and the flag stick. Simply screw the flag stick onto the plastic screw on the disc. The cup will still hold 4 golf balls when a flag is inserted in the cup and you now have a center aim point for putts and chips.

These flag sticks can also be used as putting targets right on the floor. Purchase more than one to make a course around your home or office

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 in


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